The International Office (Academic)

The International Office (Academic) at the College organises and coordinates the College's relations with other countries.
Thus, the International Office (Academic) is especially responsible for maintaining contacts with the College's overseas partners colleges.
These colleges are:

  • École Nationale des Greffes in Dijon (France)
  • Şcoala Naţională de Grefieri (früher Centrul des Pregătire şi Perfecţionare a Grefierilor şi a Celuilalt Personal Auxiliar des Specialitate) in Bukarest (Romania)
  • Wolga-Akademie für den Staatsdienst in Saratov (Russia)
  • Justizakademie der Tschechischen Republik in Kroměříž

In addition, the International Office (Academic) organises an annual study trip (for more information, please see below) for the Stage II (Theoretical) students to other countries in Europe and the one-week study visit to the École Nationale des Greffes in Dijon.

The International Office (Academic) is also the contact for overseas institutions wanting assistance from the College in certain matters.
Finally, overseas students wanting to find out more about the profession of the German graduate Court Registrar can contact the International Office (Academic).


The Annual Study Trip for Stage II Students

At the beginning of the Stage II (Theoretical) course, the students go on a one-week study trip, usually to a major urban centre in another country. In the past, they have been on trips to such cities as Brussels, Budapest, Dijon, Cracow, Luxembourg, Prague and Vienna. Apart from getting to know "the country and its people", these study trips are especially intended to give the students an idea of overseas legal systems and a better appreciation of their own training and the legal status of the German graduate court registrar.


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